Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Electro Synth Sessions

"The Electro Synth Sessions" A work in progress! the creation of a live electronic set devised by yours truly, a unique sound that I like to call "Electro Disco" This live set was inspired by a previous project that began with my Boss RC-50 Loop Station & Roland Juno D which has now evolved into a live continuously mixed set. So ask me? do I use analogue keyboards? do I programme retro looking sequencers? am I using drum machines? bass stations? no! so what is it I am doing? It is a simple concept but effective, a fresh sound and new vibe I assure you. The Axiom Pro 49 and Ableton Live. For this project I have chosen to use Spectrosonic plugins for live parts played in real time, both Omnisphere and Trillian via Ableton Live. I am a musician with experience in Soul, Funk and Jazz influenced music. The concept behind the development of this project was to take a selection of the most basic, current, standard electro loops on the market and combine them with synth sounds which I use to play more complex jazz type chords within a live performance. In effect re-harmonizing current trendy sounds of the day, on the fly! the result was "Electro Disco" and the birth of the "The Electro Synth Sessions" .


Novation Twitch

Why I decided on Twitch? As most of you know my background is that of a musician and pianist who at a later date decided to expand my skills towards DJing. As a result of this and having played keyboards for a number of years pressing and pushing buttons was something that came much more naturally to me as oppose to working with round spinning objects like CDJs, Jog Wheels and Records of course. Much to the disapproval of some of my more "traditional DJ" colleagues in the scene who strangely enough were not traditional enough to mix records? assured me there would be a lack of respect from the reputable DJs in the industry If I decided to mix digitally with a controller and laptop, myself not being one who is afraid of change decided against and purchased this controller. The swipe strips on the Novation Twitch work fine for me with regards to setting up a track for mixing and are actually quite fun to use. The auto loop and loop roll functions open up a whole new world of possibilities particularly towards old school techniques like cutting although not typical in house music I am still experimenting with these features. I have yet to put this controller through a large rig to see if there are any major output issues but so far no problems. Living the fast life in this electronic age of convenience this DJ controller is affordable, compact, light and can be placed in a small backpack along with the my macbook, leads and headphones making for easy transportation.